Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 Update Patch Notes

Hi Guys here is the leaked information about season 3 patch notes.

1.1 Gameplay
1.1.1 (New Mode: Ultra Fire) – Lower cooldown of Operator Skill, earn more points for Scorestreaks and unlimited ammunition
1.1.2 New Maps: Cage, Scrapyard
1.1.3 (Improvements and Adjustments] and Raid returns, all maps are open for download Improved map details and props, increased fall damage

Call of Duty Mobile Season 3
New Map: Scrapyard

1.2 Controls
1.2.1 (New) Three new sensitivity modes can be adjusted in the settings
A. Change sensitivity of gun during the scoping process can gradually change when you open the scope
B.Change sensitivity while switch after raising scope in an instant
C.Change sensitivity of gun after raising scope BY15, M1887 and other shotguns now can be held down and only fire when the fire button is released, similar to sniper rifles.

1.2.2 (Optimization)
Changing trigger mode from firing a sniper rifle after releasing the fire button to pressing the fire button to shoot.

1.3.1 (New) New Operator Skill – H.I.V.E., a powerful tactical weapon that stuns and kills enemies by burying traps A dded new Scorestreak – XS1 Goliath: 900 points required to activate, swee p the battlefield

1.3.2 (Weapon Balance) Shot spread of the shotgun is smaller when using ADS. Added an instant ADS fire function like sniper rifles in the settings.

1.3.22 Reduce the movement speed of SMRS and the lethal range as well as dama ge towards Scorestreaks (eg. Sentry Gun) Slightly reduced the recoil stability of the foregrip attachment of Type 25. Slightly reduced the recoil stability rapidly firing of the foregrip of AK117 Reduced the size of the magazine of the MSMC from 30 to 25, lowered fore


2.1 (Game Mode)
New Mode: 20 VS 20 – Experience fast-paced and intense action of TDM inside the BR world. Quickly respawn after dying while maintaining all items. Team that achives the objective first wins!
2.2 (vehicle)
New Vehicle – Motorcycle, 2-person vehicle, high speed and agile vehicle for assaults and escapes
2.3 (Class Chip)
2.3.1New Battle Royale Class Chip – (Trapmaster) : Trapper: a powerful tactical chip for defence and ambush
2.3.2 Balance Adjustments: Defense Class: After deploying the transformer shield, a high-pressured air blast will be released which shifts the trajectory of the bullet going towards the player.


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