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20 Exp

badge-bronze-s badge-bronze-b

Bronze User

Has posted more than 1 post on their profile

40 Exp

badge-silver-s badge-silver-b

Silver User

Has posted more than 100 posts on their profile

60 Exp

badge-gold-s badge-gold-b

Gold User

Has posted more than 500 posts on their profile

100 Exp

badge-platinum-s badge-platinum-b

Platinum User

Has posted more than 1000 posts on their profile

40 Exp

badge-traveller-s badge-traveller-b

Forum Traveller

Created at least 1 topic on 5 different groups forums

Next Tier:

40 Exp

badge-caffeinated-s badge-caffeinated-b


Commented on a friend's post inside 30 seconds of posted

80 Exp

badge-upowered-s badge-upowered-b

Ultra Powered

Received 50+ reacts inside 30 minutes of posting

40 Exp

badge-scientist-s badge-scientist-b

Crazy Scientist

Helped us beta test new awesome features

20 Exp

badge-ncreature-s badge-ncreature-b

Night Creature

Created 100+ posts between 1AM and 5AM

40 Exp

badge-warrior-s badge-warrior-b

The Warrior

Helped the team enforce the communty rules

60 Exp

badge-liked-s badge-liked-b

Liked User

Received 500+ like or love reactions in their profile posts

80 Exp

badge-sloved-s badge-sloved-b

Super Loved User

Received 1000+ like or love reactions in their profile posts

40 Exp

badge-qconq-s badge-qconq-b

Quest Conqueror

Succesfully completed at least 10 quests at 100%

40 Exp

badge-villain-s badge-villain-b

Super Villain

Received 100+ dislike reactions in their profile posts

20 Exp

badge-age-s badge-age-b

Profile Age

Congratz! You've been part of the community for 2 years

Next Tier:

60 Exp

badge-tstruck-s badge-tstruck-b


The user reacted first on 50+ friends posts

20 Exp

badge-uexp-s badge-uexp-b

Universe Explorer

Joined and posted on 20 different groups

40 Exp

badge-globet-s badge-globet-b

Globe Trotter

Has at least 10 friends from different countries

40 Exp

badge-verifieds-s badge-verifieds-b

Verified Streamer

Has linked a stream that was verified by the staff

80 Exp

badge-gempost-s badge-gempost-b

Rare GemPost

Received 100+ likes and 50+ comments on a single post

40 Exp

badge-peoplesp-s badge-peoplesp-b

People's Person

Has accepted at least 200 friends requests

40 Exp

badge-rulerm-s badge-rulerm-b

Ruler of Masses

Has created and admins 5+ different groups

20 Exp

badge-marketeer-s badge-marketeer-b

The Marketeer

Has posted at least 10 items on their shop

Next Tier:

80 Exp

badge-tycoon-s badge-tycoon-b

Bussiness Tycoon

Sold more than 100 items on their shop

40 Exp

badge-mightiers-s badge-mightiers-b

Mightier Than Sword

Wrote at least 50 blog posts in their profile

40 Exp

badge-phantom-s badge-phantom-b

The Phantom

Visited other profiles but hasn’t posted in 1+ year

40 Exp

badge-forumsf-s badge-forumsf-b

Forums Fan

Started at least 20 topics on the forums

40 Exp

badge-fcultivator-s badge-fcultivator-b

Friendship Cultivator

Commented first on 100+ friend's posts

20 Exp

badge-splanner-s badge-splanner-b

Super Planner

Has created at least 25 public or private events

40 Exp

badge-collector-s badge-collector-b

The Collector

Bought at least 5 items in the markeplace

40 Exp

badge-prophoto-s badge-prophoto-b

Pro Photographer

Uploaded more than 500 photos to their profile

40 Exp

badge-rmachine-s badge-rmachine-b

Referral Machine

Referred at least 50 friends that joined the comunity

20 Exp

badge-bronzec-s badge-bronzec-b

Bronze Cup

Won third place on a verified forum competition

40 Exp

badge-silverc-s badge-silverc-b

Silver Cup

Won second place on a verified forum competition

60 Exp

badge-goldc-s badge-goldc-b

Gold Cup

Won first place on a verified forum competition

100 Exp

badge-platinumc-s badge-platinumc-b

Platinum Cup

Won an official Social Network competition